Curing Hemorrhoids: Home Remedies to End Them

Curing Hemorrhoids: Home Remedies to End Them

Hemorrhoids, popularly known as piles, are a swelling of the veins of the rectum and anus that causes considerable discomfort. Their appearance can be due to many different causes, but those who suffer them only want to get rid of them as soon as possible because they are very annoying.

It is necessary to know what the cause is before starting any home remedy. It may be that too much force is used when defecating, something that can be solved by not forcing. Another cause may be constipation, which can be solved by incorporating foods rich in fiber into the diet.

There are several home remedies available to cure hemorrhoids. They are very simple to prepare and give great results.

Aloe vera to end hemorrhoids

Everyone knows that aloe vera has many beneficial properties for our health. It is a plant that can be used to treat burns, areas with acne, dry skin, etc. Hemorrhoids are another problem that this very common plant can treat.

Those who suffer from this pathology know that it produces a lot of itching and inflammation. With aloe vera, you can reduce these kinds of symptoms. To do this, aloe vera should be applied to the affected area several times a day, especially after a bowel movement.

Before applying the remedy the area must be very clean so that the aloe vera has a good effect. Therefore, it is advisable to take a bath and dry yourself. This facilitates absorption and achieves better results.

Potato to treat hemorrhoids

The potato is also a good remedy for hemorrhoids. Thanks to the properties it has, it is a great ally to significantly reduce the burning sensation and also the inflammation of the area.

To apply this remedy you have to scratch a potato and wrap it in tissue of several layers, forming a “little bag”. To get a good feeling of relief, it should be applied to the affected area several times a day. If you put the potato in the fridge before grating it, the cold will also have a calming effect on the area.

It is not necessary to use a large potato, a small, French-style one will suffice. The area to be applied is usually not large. With this simple remedy, people who have this problem will see their symptoms reduced in a short time.

Chard, another natural ally in curing hemorrhoids

It has always been said that natural products work best. Therefore, it is normal that we bet on home remedies to cure hemorrhoids. Chard is another powerful ally to fight hemorrhoids in a completely natural way.

To do this, you should take a bunch of fresh chards, wash them well and let them cool in the refrigerator. Apply several leaves to the area at least three times a day. Thanks to the cold and the properties of the chard, the hemorrhoids will be reduced.

It is a food that we usually have at home or that can be found in any store at very affordable prices. Therefore, it will not be too difficult to have them at home to help us get rid of hemorrhoids.

Use of medicinal plants

Medicinal plants are one of the most widely used remedies by man since the existence of mankind. Our ancestors already used plants to cure illnesses and wounds, therefore it is logical that medicinal plants can also be used in this case.

If we manage to reduce the inflammation, many discomforts and inconveniences when sitting down, for example, can be avoided. There are many medicinal plants that can be very useful in these cases. Among them are the horsetail, horehound or chamomile among others.

To use this remedy you must boil a good handful of these leaves and flowers as if we were going to make an infusion. After five minutes of boiling, we will remove the container from the fire and let the water cool down. Then, what we have to do is to submerge the affected area for about 10 minutes.

This will provide an almost automatic relaxation, although to achieve this, you have to boil enough water to pour into a bucket or a bidet, for example.

Another natural remedy for hemorrhoids

Many of the natural ingredients that we can have at home can be a great ally against hemorrhoids. A clear example is the mixture of cloves, laurel, and garlic. In this case, to prepare the remedy you have to boil in water 3 cloves of garlic, 3 leaves of laurel and 2 cloves. Everything must be boiled for at least 10 minutes so that each product releases its full essence.

Once the mixture of ingredients has been boiled, it must be left to cool and then strained. Then apply the resulting water to the affected area. As with many of the remedies mentioned above, this solution should be applied at least three times a day, with the area thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Visiting the doctor in severe cases

It is important to keep in mind that these remedies that can be started at home using natural products work perfectly in those people who do not suffer from severe episodes of hemorrhoids.

In the event of significant bleeding, very severe pain and continued discomfort, a visit to the doctor is recommended. It will be the professional who will determine the type of treatment to be followed to end the hemorrhoids or it may even be necessary to go to the operating room to end them.

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